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Since 2013, I have examined the realities of bridging the health sector and communities. It is fuelled by the insight that health care in high-income countries is increasingly unsustainable because medicine and public health fail to appreciate how people understand their health.

Through my work, I have come to see that community power is fundamental to the future of health and the health sector.

As an independent scholar and writer, I fund my work through consulting and speaking. My consulting is not only in community engagement, power and health but also in medical information. I previously worked as an editor and/or publisher at TEDMED, Map of Medicine, F1000, BioMed Central and The BMJ.

Latest Articles

The Necessity of Struggle

A conversation with Leigh Carroll and Lynn Weidner on how unions can help create the kind of society we want to live in

Lighting Fires and Staying Accountable

A conversation with Martha Mackenzie on community organising, repairing democracy and holding philanthropy to account

Our Article in Health Affairs on Community Power

Building on theoretical and empirical research, we describe what community power is and why it’s fundamental to structural change and health equity

Understanding Power Through Stories of Change

A conversation with Paul W. Speer on the role of relationships, conversations and mediating institutions in building community power

Without Rigour It’s Just Ideology

A conversation with Jennie Popay on the need to truly understand how communities with power can pursue social justice

Creating Practices to Shift Power in Society

A conversation with Jonathan Heller, one of the most innovative practitioners in the journey to health equity
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