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My work examines the realities of bridging the health sector and communities. It is fuelled by the insight that health care in high-income countries is increasingly unsustainable because clinical science and practice fail to appreciate how people and communities understand their health.

As an independent researcher and writer, I fund my work through consulting and speaking. My consulting is not only in community engagement, power and health but also in medical information. I have worked as an editor and/or publisher at TEDMED, Map of Medicine, F1000, BioMed Central and The BMJ.

Latest Articles

A Model Linking Community Engagement, Health Improvement and Community Power

How the health sector can foster the individual and social outcomes that are key to a community having power

How the Experts Think about Power and Belonging

From middle-class prejudice and John Henryism to how power works and what exactly is change

Mapping Empirical Research to the Theories

Knowing which theories linking community power and health are backed by empirical research may inform your theory of change

Observations on the Research into Community Power

The things that stood out from the 81 articles classified as medium or low quality

How Community Power Influences Health

Beyond health outcomes, there are changes in the community members involved and the social fabric between them

The Theories Connecting Community Power to Health

A synthesis of the many theories on how community power can reduce inequities in health

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