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My work examines the realities of bridging the health sector and communities. It is fuelled by the insight that health care in high-income countries is increasingly unsustainable because clinical science and practice fail to appreciate how people and communities understand their health.

As an independent researcher and writer, I fund my work through consulting and speaking. My consulting is not only in community health but also in medical information. I have worked as an editor and/or publisher at TEDMED, Map of Medicine, F1000, BioMed Central and The BMJ.

Latest Articles

The Evidence Linking Community Power to Health

The research I’ve been doing since February 2020 and how Popay’s 2006 model on community engagement helped

Understanding the True Cost of Pharma R&D

As drugs and other therapies get more and more expensive, it’s time to take a closer look at the cost of research and development

The Evidence Linking Community Agency & Health

It's messy, some of it is good, and there is an encouraging uniformity to the findings

What I’m Doing in 2020

Looking at the medical literature to see whether having agency (A) and a sense of belonging (B) can change (C) the odds on health

I’m On Leave Until End Of Jan 2020

I'll be reviewing emails now and then

Pay Attention to the Surprises

How unearthing and unleashing the surprises in ‘community health’ work is crucial to the field – but rarely done well or systematically (and goodbye for now)

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