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Since 2013, I have examined the realities of bridging the health sector and communities. It is fuelled by the insight that health care in high-income countries is increasingly unsustainable because medicine and public health fail to appreciate how people understand their health.

Through my work, I have come to see that community power is fundamental to the future of health and the health sector.

As an independent scholar and writer, I fund my work through consulting and speaking. My consulting is not only in community engagement, power and health but also in medical information. I previously worked as an editor and/or publisher at TEDMED, Map of Medicine, F1000, BioMed Central and The BMJ.

Latest Articles

Understanding Power Through Stories of Change

A conversation with Paul W. Speer on the role of relationships, conversations and mediating institutions in building community power

Without Rigour It’s Just Ideology

A conversation with Jennie Popay on the need to truly understand how communities with power can pursue social justice

Creating Practices to Shift Power in Society

A conversation with Jonathan Heller, one of the most innovative practitioners in the journey to health equity

A New Podcast Series on Community Power

In collaboration with Ratio, I’m exploring what community power is, how it’s linked to better outcomes and what its limitations are

A Model Linking Community Engagement, Health Improvement and Community Power

How the health sector can foster the individual and social outcomes that are key to a community having power

How the Experts Think about Power and Belonging

From middle-class prejudice and John Henryism to how power works and what exactly is change
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