“A poem for your enterprise” – The Unprofessionals

Pritpal S Tamber

October 25, 2013

The Unprofessionals

When the worst thing happens,
That uproots the future,
That you must live for every hour of your future,

They come,
Unorganised, inarticulate, unprofessional;

They come sheepishly, sit with you, holding hands,
From tea to tea, from Anadin to Valium,
Sleeping on put-you-ups, answering the phone,
Coming in shifts, spontaneously,

Talking sometimes,
About wallflowers, and fishing, and why
Dealing with Kleenex and kettles,
Doing the washing up and the shopping,

Like civilians in a shelter, under bombardment,
Holding hands and sitting it out
Through the immortality of all the seconds,
Until the blunting of time,

U A Fanthorpe  (1995) Safe as houses.
Calstock: Peterloo Poets

I had to share it. It seemed such an amazing description of people creating “Wellth”.

This post was first published on Wellthcare

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