I’m Dr Pritpal S Tamber and I explore how health care in high-income countries fails communities in difficult social circumstances, such as poverty and exclusion.

In the US, I do what I do as the CEO of Bridging Health & Community (BH&C), a Seattle-based nonprofit. In the UK, I do what I do as the Founder of Beyond Systems

I used to be the Physician Editor of TEDMED, TED’s dedicated health event. It was in that role that I realised that most ‘innovation’ in health is going to have little impact on communities most in need. I wanted to explore this paradox so, since early 2013, I’ve been spending time with practitioners in high-income countries working with communities enduring poverty and exclusion. I wanted to understand what it takes to work in such environments and what I've learnt now informs my work, both in the US and the UK. 

In the US, my speaking agent is Executive Speakers Bureau. Elsewhere I'm represented by MFL and London Speaker Bureau. I underwrite my work through consulting in innovation, health care improvement, and clinical evidence/publishing (some of my clients are listed below).

This is my personal blog. It contains the archive of my work prior to founding BH&C. Since then, my work-related writing has been published as 'updates' on BH&C (see here and sign-up below) and Beyond Systems (see here and sign-up below), leaving this blog for less formal, more wide-ranging, reflections. I write erratically. 

Prior to consulting, I was the Medical Director of Map of Medicine, a company that aimed to improve the flow of patients through care by embedding evidence-based pathways into electronic medical record systems. I was also: Managing Director of ‘Faculty of 1000 Medicine’, a service that identified the research articles that mattered from the thousands published each week; Editorial Director for Medicine of BioMed Central, the academic publisher that pioneered open access; a practicing doctor; and an editor at the BMJ. See LinkedIn for more.

I try to lead a 'carbon neutral' life, although I'm well aware that I need to reduce my consumption not just off-set it. For now, though, I off-set by donating monthly to Tree Aid. I chose them because they don't just plant trees but think about how those trees can help tackle poverty in some of the poorest regions the world. I explained my decision in this post

You cannot get this blog by email, mainly because I want to ‘think loud’ without worrying about being ‘entertaining’. That said, you can subscribe to it using its RSS feed.

If I can be of service, do get in touch.