I’m Pritpal S Tamber, the Co-Founder & CEO of Bridging Health & Community (BH&C) and the Founder of the Creating Health Collaborative. This is my personal blog. 

The Day Job

Both BH&C and the Collaborative happened as a result of my blogging. I started in early 2013 when I was the Physician Editor of TEDMED. I was surprised by how small innovation in health was compared to the size of the challenge. I wanted to explore this paradox, especially the disconnect between health systems and communities. 

My blogging was a mixture of personal and professional; personal explorations of the paradox and professional updates about (what became) BH&C and the Collaborative. Now that BH&C and the Collaborative have their own website (as of December 2016), I'll be using this blog solely for personal stuff. If you're interested in BH&C or the Collaborative, check out the updates on their website or receive them by email


I'm sure I'll continue to reflect on the aforementioned paradox. I'm not short of an opinion or two about health care (which has little to do with health), innovation (too little of which is happening in health care, despite the noise), clinical evidence (what it really is and how it's manipulated for commercial and ideological reasons), and technology (especially how it's never neutral). 

But those opinions are grounded in broader reflections. I'm interested in democracy (including how health care, including tax-funded health care, is radically non-participatory), transparency (especially the pivotal role of general and speciality journalism), privacy (and how its erosion interfaces with structural prejudice), and capital (including how it can shape the world both for good and evil). 

Looking Ahead

I don't know how often I'll blog but I intend to be less formal than I was when this blog was both personal and professional. I also won't be emailing my posts, which I used to do, but if you're interested in receiving them subscribe to my RSS feed