My work is all about improving health and health care through knowledge. It spans medical publishing to community health, taking in technology and innovation, and is influenced by growing up in a working-class community. I share insights from all of the above through public speaking.

A picture (with words) is worth a thousand words

I thought I would share this photo that a friend of mine has just posted on Facebook. I don’t know where he took it, or what practice the text is referring to, but it’s a message that I wish health care would heed.

There are so many ‘initiatives’ in health care, so many ‘policy statements’, so many ‘recommendations’, but the real magic is with those people that actually try to put something into practice. Even if they fail, if what they set out to do was well-reasoned and worth a punt, they should be applauded, and certainly more than some of the health care ‘celebrities’ that dominate the dialogue.

Can we trust the reports from the global health policy summit?

To inform, we need to enable