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A Webinar and an eBook

Announcing our webinar hosted by the Root Cause Coalition on how to truly engage your community and the re-issue of our eBook, 'Communities Creating Health'

A Book And A Webinar

Announcing the first edition of our book, Communities Creating Health, and a webinar with Stanford Social Innovation Review called Organizing Communities to Create Health

As the SSIR Series Ends, New Work Begins

We'll turn the series into an eBook while beginning work on the next meeting of the Creating Health Collaborative

Creating Health in the 21st Century

Five principles to guide how communities can develop new pathways to health, plus concrete steps toward contributing to a culture that values connections and relationships as much as treatments and health campaigns

Time to Return to the Whole

Only by finding a new narrative that embraces the whole, rather than the parts, can we build the health-creating systems we need

Making the Money Work

How funders can best support place-based initiatives

Tomorrow’s Health Relies on New Relationships

Imagining a healthier future doesn’t start with how to pay for it. Communities must first develop a shared view of what a healthier life could be

Investing in Community-led Health

The case for investing in the long-term health and well-being of communities, based on what those communities value

How Evaluation Can Strengthen Communities

Including community members in decisions about evaluation can improve the community’s capacity to effectively manage and control change

The Promise and Peril of Community Evaluation

Four ways to improve community evaluation so that it helps build, rather than erode, social progress

Operating When You Can’t See the Full Picture

Three principles for solving complex, systemic problems like improving community health

Undercover Solutions

Solutions to social problems are often hidden in the most obvious places, masquerading as problems
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