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Returning Health To The People

Richard Smith reflects on the difficulty of defining ‘health’ and ’community’, two parts of the complex task of ‘returning health to the people’, while supporting the Collaborative’s efforts to learn by experimenting and reporting back

A List Is Precisely How We Climb This Mountain

Alex Twigg of Ko Awatea, New Zealand, reflects on how, from a systems perspective, having a list of principles is key to change, and how that change might be expedited by a 'missing' twelfth principle, that of sense-making

It’ll Take More Than A List To Climb This Mountain

Ollie Smith reflects on how just refining principles, as was done at the 2015 meeting of the Creating Health Collaborative, is not enough to catalyze practice

Announcing Our New Report

Based on the experiences of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs trying to approach health ‘beyond the lens of health care’, we present our new report with eleven principles for creating health and five key questions that need to be answered next

Cement and Citizenship: Critical Pathways to Health

How a project in Brazil focusses on promoting self-sufficiency as a pathway to enable people to change their lives

Sharing The ‘Burden’ Of Creating Health

The Creating Health Collaborative now has an Executive, a subgroup of its members who have agreed to help me think through what we need to do, and to help me do it

Walking, Real Estate And Truly Valuing Health

An interview of Maggie Super Church about the Healthy Neighborhood Equity Fund

Discovering Health Care, Not Sick Care

An interview of Chantal Walg about how they're trying to operationalise the idea of 'positive health' across the Nijmegen Area of the Netherlands

A Book And A Webinar

Announcing the first edition of our book, Communities Creating Health, and a webinar with Stanford Social Innovation Review called Organizing Communities to Create Health

The Time And Money To Find Health

An interview of Amy Heydlauff of the Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation on how they've devised and are implementing their strategy

Finding Family Well-Being In Texas

An interview of Leigh Anne Cappello on how the Business Innovation Factory is trying to understand the social issues that affect child health and what can be done about them

As the SSIR Series Ends, New Work Begins

We'll turn the series into an eBook while beginning work on the next meeting of the Creating Health Collaborative
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