Community Health

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Transforming Disadvantaged Communities

An interview of Dr Jonathan Stead of C2 Connecting Communities on how their work is based on the ethos that residents can be part of the solution

Community, Movements, and Spread: It’s the Process That Matters

Why wanting local interventions to scale is naïve

Creating Health: The Emerging Principles

A report from the first meeting of the Creating Health Collaborative, including the principles that seemed to resonate across people's work

OCK + Wellthcare =

Why I am focussing more on the future of health than on my initial focus as a consultant, which was to optimise clinical knowledge

The End Of Wellthcare

Why I decided to stop using the term 'Wellthcare' and what I am doing next

Understanding What Communities Really Value

Why I have got involved with an IOM-hosted meeting on designing evaluations for what communities really want

Wellthcare is Joined by Nine Organisations

And we decided to call ourselves the 'Creating Health Incubation Group'

The Future of Health: Complex, Plural and a Constant Struggle

By accepting that health is socially constructed we need to understand that creating will always be local and fraught

How Doctors’ Failures Will Lead to Social Unrest

Reflecting on talks by Pippa Malmgren, an economist, and Des Gorman, the Executive Chair of Health Workforce New Zealand

Seeing Beyond the Bio-Medical Model

Re-publishing Jamie Harvie's excellent foreword to the Democracy Collaborative's report, Hospitals Building Healthier Communities

Creating a Parallel System to Health Care

Reflecting on the work of Dr Lim Boon Keng of the late 1800s in Singapore to improve people's health by improving their social conditions - and what it tells us for today
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