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Healing Through Research

Shannon Simpson reflects on how the idea of healing needs to be deeply ingrained in the methods of participatory action research, if not all forms of research

Staying Shy of the Thousandth Cut

The daily struggle of the entrepreneur

We Are Losing, So What Are We Protecting?

Rebecca Brothers asks what is behind health care’s reluctance to bring community to the table. Uncertainty? The loss power?

Webinar: How One Health Care System Applied the Principles to Practice

Announcing a free webinar in which Jefferson Healthcare, WA, share how they used our tool to take stock of how they're working with communities

The Lies We Tell Ourselves (in Health)

A morning’s reading and three examples of the kind of lies we tell ourselves in health

Reflections on Othering, Oppression, and Why Inclusion Matters

Katherine Mella and Lawrence Barriner II of MIT CoLab share three reflections on BH&C’s symposium, each with a proposal for how to make improvements

Connecting the Dots

Diane Wellman draws out the biggest themes from her 215 pages of notes on our symposium, Community Agency & Health

Listening As A Radically Obvious Act

Elizabeth Slade reflects on how health care often focuses on the latest, shiniest technology, and doesn’t leave much space for the basic human needs of our stories being acknowledged

Flu, Crisis & Conflation

Through my flu-hazed brain I try to respond to the calls for more funding for the NHS in response to the annual, winter crisis

My Community Tells It Straight

How my cousin and uncle help illustrate why health systems fail - with a bluntness typical of England’s East Midlands

The Healing of Exploitation

Carl Baty, a presenter at our May 2017 symposium, shares why he got emotional during his talk and explores whether he was being exploited

Our ‘View’ To Grantmakers In Health

In GIH’s monthly bulletin, we make the case that it’s time for its members to place an explicit focus on agency, including examining their own governance structures and accountability frameworks
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