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How a Talking Pet Can Keep Us Healthy

An interview of Victor Wang, CEO of GeriJoy, the app that seeks to leverage the global supply of compassion

Despatch 3: Building Resilience – Understanding People’s Context and Assets

A report on the recent discussion amongst the Wellthcare Explorers on the importance of context and assets

Prospecting for Wellth in the US of A

A look at some of the health projects I came across in the US that consider the importance of community

How a Postal System Can Keep Us Healthy

An interview of Joe Dickinson of Jersey Post, the postal system that checks in on its elderly community as part of its rounds

“Health and social care: lots of activity, little value”

I’m writing this Log post from Las Vegas, USA, where I have come to experience the Downtown Project, an attempt to transform the downtown area into the most community-focused large […]

Harvard and NEJM Speak the Wantified Self (Almost)

Consumerism and empowerment were the terms they used

“A poem for your enterprise” – The Unprofessionals

A friend of mine sent me an email with the above subject line and the following poem

Despatch 2: Fragmenting Communities and the Wantified Self

A report on the Wellthcare Explorers' second debate, this time about the idea of the 'wantified self'

Bravery, Agility and Uncertainty

And how I have been told that Europe is not the place for big ideas

The Wantified Self

Why I walked away from the quantified self movement because it afforded little space for me to express what mattered to me

Despatch 1: Discovering Wellth

A report on the first discussion between the Wellthcare Explorers
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