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I’m On Leave Until End Of Jan 2020

I'll be reviewing emails now and then

Being Overwhelmed by the Health Challenges in Rural America

How I struggle to get my urbanista head around the size of the challenge

Why It’s Time to Leave England

Despite the ray of hope (yes, hope) that sits in Brexit

On Taking A Month Off

Some reflections on what it was like to take a whole month off work

Yesterday I Got Fat

How 12 days of easy living in the Brazil sunshine has turned me into a porky

Europe Is Heading For War

A cheerful thought for the new year but one that I am increasingly coming round to as I converse with friends

Versions of Ourselves

Some reflections as I head back from an eight-day holiday on the Greek Island of Amorgos

Me on the Speaking Business Podcast

My UK speaking agent, Maria Franzoni interviewed me for her podcast, 'Speaking Business'

The Final: 2018 FIFA World Cup

My tweets on the final (the tournament deserved better)

The Finalists: 2018 FIFA World Cup

My thoughts on the two finalists, including all of my tweets on the games that they played

Semi Finals: 2018 FIFA World Cup

My tweets on the teams and the games, as well as a tweet on the play-off for third place

Quarter Finals: 2018 FIFA World Cup

My tweets on the teams and the games
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