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Round of 16: 2018 FIFA World Cup

My tweets on the teams and the games

Group Phase: 2018 FIFA World Cup

My tweets on the teams and the games

The Conundrum of Sustainability

How ultimately you might need to accept that you’re part of the extractive forces acting on communities, while working out how to leverage your privilege for others

Some Things Don’t Leave You

Like economic insecurity and being denied access to clubs

The Jumble of Non Conformity

A mess of a post reflecting where my head is right now - or at least how it’s not really anywhere concrete...

Being Incidental

The serene pleasure of not having to explain yourself

Some Rambling Existential Thoughts

On how things are going well and not going well, scribbled on the way back from a week in the US

The Joy of Thinking

And how The Financial Times and The Lancet make me do it all the time

The Challenge of Saying It Like It Is

How it's so hard to question the narrative that conflates health care and health

Carbon Off-Setting

My slow-and-fast decision to become carbon neutral and the odd feeling that it’s not as satisfying as I thought it would be

Staying Shy of the Thousandth Cut

The daily struggle of the entrepreneur

The Lies We Tell Ourselves (in Health)

A morning’s reading and three examples of the kind of lies we tell ourselves in health
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