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Flu, Crisis & Conflation

Through my flu-hazed brain I try to respond to the calls for more funding for the NHS in response to the annual, winter crisis

My Community Tells It Straight

How my cousin and uncle help illustrate why health systems fail - with a bluntness typical of England’s East Midlands

My Hypocritical Drive Home for Christmas

How my instinctual reaction to a homeless person illustrated to me how inauthentic my behaviour has become

Washing My Left Foot

My favourite moment of 2017

Looking Ahead While Tending To The Now

Yet another thing I’m crap at and why it matters five years into doing the thing I’ve been doing

Polarised Debates Stop Me Getting Involved

When I look at who’s voicing the same concerns as I would, I find myself stopping

What Am I Doing, Again?

Apparently it’s research but I’m self-conscious about that term and perhaps I shouldn’t be

Reflecting on Interviewing the CEO of NHS England

I enjoyed it, even though the form didn’t really lend itself to get into the topics that I think matter

Thoughts Ahead of Interviewing the CEO of NHS England

How the lack of preparation time is bad for everyone and makes me part of the problem

Don’t Call Me A Social Innovator

Why I bristle at that term (and the need for more discipline around business model discovery)

Declarations, Immigrants, Rights & Responsibilities

Just some thoughts weaving together rights, responsibilities and agency, with an anecdote related to an illegal immigrant

The Paralysis of Neatness

Why well-presented arguments and citing of 'the evidence is getting in the way
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