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Othering the Deep South

How the idiocy of my thinking leads me to 'other' the people of the Deep South

A Death and Existential Reflections

Some musings spurred by a friend's death and me being on an island staring at the sea

Struggling with Spain

I can't quite put my finger on it but there something - something! - that I struggle with in the country

No, seriously, this is work

Some thoughts on doing keynotes at corporate retreats and whether they lead to any doing

The White Working Class

Why I feel "emotionally responsible" to the white working class

America, Racism & Health Care

A post I've been holding myself back from writing but one that asks whether the attraction of my company is divisible from the racism that seems endemic in the country

On Meaninglessness

A reflection on how the broken effort-to-value relationship is driving the sense of meaninglessness that many people are enduring

There’s Little Comfort Out Of The Box

The difference between innovation and entrepreneurialism, and why the former needs more support than it gets

How is it that I’m here again?

Six years after disc surgery it's time for knee surgery. I find the resolve to fight. This one last time. Somehow

My Threshold Space

How my current uncertainty is corrosive, especially when it comes to whether I'll play football again

Crisis as Entertainment

Are we too busy consuming information about the problems we're dealing with to do anything about them?

Talking To The Right People

Why it matters, why it's hard and why it's an ask filled with inequity
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