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Leadership and Self Doubt

How my confidence oscillated through our last Board meeting and what that does or doesn't mean for the work

The Impossibility of Being Right

How in socially-mindful innovation you can spend too long being right to the detriment of ever achieving anything

Racism, Reparations and My Shameful Naivety

Sometimes you read something that makes you realise just how little you understand aspects of modern life

Why It’s So Hard To Take A Punt

A scramble of inter-related thoughts on why it's so hard to take a punt these days

What is an Authentic Voice? The Key Question for 2017

How Dylan was the voice of his generation, how the Left have stopped listening, and how populist politicians will always win if we don't re-learn how to listen


How the launching of Bridging Health & Community has liberated this blog, and hence my voice, and how the change seems to be part of a wider trend in my life as I liberate myself from Facebook and question the value of Gmail

Fraggl: Nudging You To Think Differently

Introducing a tool that may help you think differently by encouraging you to read things that probably wouldn't have

Moustaches, fund-raising and independence from the current health care system

How independent campaigns like Movember have more potential to shift how we approach health than the health care system does

OCK + Wellthcare =

Why I am focussing more on the future of health than on my initial focus as a consultant, which was to optimise clinical knowledge

The Future of Health: Complex, Plural and a Constant Struggle

By accepting that health is socially constructed we need to understand that creating will always be local and fraught

Wellthcare and My Ongoing Blogging

A quick post that I'm going to spend more time writing about Wellth than what it takes to optimise clinical knowledge

Health 2.0 and Academia: Reconciling Experimentation and Protectionism

Exploring the disconnect between digital health and academic medicine
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