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My TEDMED Talk, and Introducing “We2C”

Why I see a 'web of trust' in what makes health care work, and how that trust needs to move beyond clinicians and include citizens

And So, It’s Time for TEDMED…

A brief look at some of the themes we considered for the 2013 stage programme

Innovation, Lazy Commentators and Data Darwinism

Why the only 'next big thing' is what it has always been - perseverance and adaptability

We Don’t Know What the NHS is For

Is it about the delivery of clinical services or the collective ego of a place?

How Digital Health Will Humanise Care

Through real world, real-time feedback on the realities of being sick and consuming care

The Fallacy of User Interfaces and Big Data

Business ideas are all very well but we first need to understand the messy world of being sick

Why “Paperless” is Meaningless

Because it means we pursue an idea without understanding what's really needed

It’s Time for a Few Good Punch-Ups in the NHS

Some reflections on the speakers at the Cambridge Health Network's Christmas event

There is a New World that Needs New Leaders

Health care has prioritised self-interest and secrecy for too long

NHS England Leader Believes the Time is Right to Put Patients at the Heart of Health Care

Some inspiring rhetoric from the recently appointed National Director for Patients and Information

Why TEDMED Might Be the Only Health Conference Worth Going To

Because it's high time we had some new thinking and ideas on the future of health

How My Local CCG Disrespects its Patients

By not working harder to have all sectors of the community represented and by not creating a level, information-based playing field
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