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Only Trust Will Make the Future Model of Care Work

How increasingly complicated knowledge requires us to have better coordination between different types of clinicians - and the role of trust within that

GP Ratings: Why All Doctors Must Have This App

Because it's a glimpse into a choice-based future of health care

The Red Hand Gang of Health Care?

A reflection on the potential of an informal but informed group

Can We Trust the Reports from the Global Health Policy Summit?

How the self-appointed elite of health care failed to understand the importance of conflicts of interest

A Picture (With Words) is Worth a Thousand Words

A photo that says it all about the amount of talk in health care

To Inform, We Need to Enable

Why information is not enough to change practice - change also needs to be proactively 'enabled'

Brave IOM Starts Defining the Knowledge-to-Practice Chasm

My reflections on a Roundtable meeting hosted by the Institute of Medicine on using knowledge to influence practice

Doctors Only Trust Doctors

My understanding of trust and knowledge and what it means for using information to change practice

Err, so what are we talking about again?

How some people use confusion as a cover for the fact that they don't know what they're talking about

Evidence and the Real World

How the randomised controlled trial is preventing us from establishing knowledge fit for the real world

Soft-Wiring Knowledge

An exploration of how we apply knowledge to IT systems in a way that makes it possible to update it as new evidence emerges


Why my first consultancy practice was called optimising clinical knowledge
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