My consulting is in community engagement, power and health (and also in medical information)

My consulting revolves around the link between community power and health, although I still do some consulting in medical information.

The health sector tends to interact with the people it serves through community engagement. All too often this process is extractive – the sector takes what it wants and doesn’t think about what it could give.

Through my research – whether independently or on behalf of clients and partners – I have come to understand what community power is and why it’s both fundamental to health and key to structural change and health equity.

I’ve also come to understand how the health sector can engage communities in ways that create the conditions for people to build and/or channel their power. I help organisations in health understand this and adjust their operations accordingly.

Given the complexity of the topic, my work often starts with a talk, whether to an auditorium or a small group.

In medical information, my clients are varied because the Internet has made it possible for anyone to be a publisher. However, they all have two things in common – they produce information and want a strategy for its packaging and dissemination.

Most of my clients want to use their information to bring about some kind of change. In my work, I tend to focus on helping them to describe that change, understand what part information might play in it, and how to measure the impact of the information.

I’m also an Associate to two consulting companies: Ratio (UK), which explores how social connection shapes health and development, and Collaborative Consulting (USA), which specialises in medical-social integration.

If you’re interested to explore how I can help, please contact me.

Below are some of the organisations I have had the honour of working with

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