I’m always interested to hear from people serious about bridging the health sector and communities, especially those doing the work or wanting to do the work

My aim is to keep learning while helping to catalyse more community-oriented practice.

If you’re involved in community-oriented, health-related work and would like to share your experience with me through an interview, please do get in touch.

You can see my previous interviews here.

If you’re interested in embracing more community-oriented practice in your community health strategy and would like to explore if I can help, whether through speaking or advice, please do get in touch.

Note that my perspective is that we need to address the profound imbalance that exists between the health sector and communities. Within that context, addressing social needs, whether through clinical-community partnerships or social prescribing, is an important first step – but should be recognised as only a first step.

As a former medical editor and publisher, I continue to consult in medical information. I also apply those same skills on behalf of community-oriented practitioners seeking to communicate their work to the health sector. Below are some of my clients from medical information and community health (more clients are listed on the Speaking page).

My work primarily focusses on the US but I have also learnt from people and projects in Brazil, Canada, Italy, Jersey, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the four (very different) nations of my home country, the UK. I now live in São Paulo, Brazil, but remain headquartered in London and base myself in Washington, DC, when in the US.

For more about my work, see the About page.

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I have had the honour of working with the following organisations

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