A Tool for Reconceiving Health Care’s Relationship with Communities

March 2018

An application tool designed to help the health sector examine how it is engaging with communities, and how it might need to change

Through my writing and research, I have explored what it takes for the health sector in high-income countries to better understand low-income communities. I have discerned 12 practice-based principles for how to build a bridge between them. From the health sector’s perspective, the principles offer a framework for authentic community engagement. This tool guides leaders in health care through a step-by-step process of taking stock of their current work, exploring possible changes and planning the steps needed to bring about change.

The Tool

The Tool

A Tool for Reconceiving Health Care’s Relationship with Communities

Margaret Hawthorne, Bridget B Kelly, Pritpal S Tamber & Richard De Angelis

December 2018


Our New Implementation Tool

Announcing the second version of our implementation tool, including some photographs of the previous version in use and how that informed the new version

Webinar: How One Health Care System Applied the Principles to Practice

Announcing a free webinar in which Jefferson Healthcare, WA, share how they used our tool to take stock of how they're working with communities

Announcing Our Tool to Apply the 12 Principles

In this post, Pritpal S Tamber shares our new tool to apply the 12 principles for fostering community agency to your community health work