Community-Driven Health Improvement

Exploring and describing how communities with power can pursue health equity by influencing the forces and systems that shape daily life

In this project, I am researching and writing about how communities with power can influence the forces, systems, structures and norms that shape the conditions of daily life. The work involves speaking with leading public health practitioners about how they work alongside communities, describing what community-driven public health looks like, and seeking to refine the discourse around the pursuit of health equity, especially in terms of structural change. This project is in partnership with the California Endowment and builds upon my previous work, including the symposium on community agency and health, the research into how public health might embrace community power, and the review of the medical evidence linking community agency and health.


Our Article in Health Affairs on Community Power

Building on theoretical and empirical research, we describe what community power is and why it’s fundamental to structural change and health equity
Community & Health Newsletter
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