Community Power Podcast Series

In collaboration with Ratio, a series of conversations exploring what power is and how community power is linked to better health


Since July 2022, I have been working with Ratio to put together a series of conversations with scholars and practitioners on the link between community power and health. The interviews, which will be broadcast as a series within Ratio’s podcast, Ratio Talks, will explore what power is, how community power is linked to better health, the limitations of community power, and examples of current work. Ratio is a UK-based community interest company that’s exploring how social connection shapes health and development. It uses its learning to design better ways of living.



Understanding Power Through Stories of Change

A conversation with Paul W. Speer on the role of relationships, conversations and mediating institutions in building community power

Without Rigour It’s Just Ideology

A conversation with Jennie Popay on the need to truly understand how communities with power can pursue social justice

Creating Practices to Shift Power in Society

A conversation with Jonathan Heller, one of the most innovative practitioners in the journey to health equity

A New Podcast Series on Community Power

In collaboration with Ratio, I’m exploring what community power is, how it’s linked to better outcomes and what its limitations are
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