Increasing the Uptake of Power Building for Health

November 2017 - December 2018

With support from The California Endowment, this nine-month project examined how public health might use power building as a way to improve health


Delivered through my former nonprofit, Bridging Health & Community, Inc, and in partnership with Collaborative Consulting, we explored how well public health understands the importance of community power to health, what is preventing the profession from embracing power-building as a health strategy, and what opportunities in the current landscape might help bring about change. The work included a detailed analysis of how change has happened in public health, including the role of narrative.



Increasing the Uptake of Power Building for Health

Pritpal S Tamber & Lori Peterson

December 2018


Community Power & Public Health

In this post, we share the findings of our research into what it will take for public health to embrace community power building as a strategy

Community Power & Public Health: A Webinar

Announcing our December 4th webinar at which we’ll share our findings into what it’ll take for public health to adopt strategies that strengthen a community’s collective ability to improve population health
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