The Creating Health Collaborative

2014 - 2016

A highly-curated meeting of community-oriented practitioners willing to share the realities of their health-related work


Hosted by Loeb & Loeb in their Manhattan offices, these meetings are safe spaces in which community-oriented practitioners from different sectors are encouraged to share the struggles of their work with a view to learning from each other. Each meeting has about 20 participants and takes five months to prepare. There have been three to date (2014, 2015 & 2016) and more meetings are being considered. If you’re interested in participating, please get in touch.



Fostering Agency to Improve Health

March 2017

Eleven Principles for Creating Health

April 2016
The Creating Health Collaborative

The Creating Health Collaborative

November 2014

Although the above reports have been driven by the meetings of the Creating Health Collaborative, they’ve also been informed by the work of the many other community-oriented practitioners that I’ve learnt from across my work. In acknowledgement of that, I am listing everyone that has shaped my thinking, and hence the above reports. They include those involved in related projects, Communities Creating Health and Wellthcare.

Alan Glasseroff
Alex Briscoe
Alina Baciu
Amy Heydlauff
Anders Marquez-Lara
Anjali Taneja
Ann Lindsay
Anthony Barrueta
Anthony Iton
Arthur Kleinman
Ashley Atkinson
Betsy Bradley
Bridget B Kelly
Bruno Sobral
Catalina Denman
Chantal Walg
David Citrin
David M Chavis
David Zuckerman
Derek Yach
Deepthi Welaratna
Doran Schrantz

Doug Wood
Elizabeth Slade
Gerry Greaney
Hans Wijnands
Harry Burns
Hazel Stuteley
Hector Y Adames
Jamie Harvie
Jeff Cohen
Jennifer McLean
Joe Dickinson
John Hoffman
Jonathan Stead
John Principe
Julian Corner
Katherine Mella
Katrina Wyatt
Kerry Byrne
Kien Lee
Kim Fortunato
Kimberley Sims
Kingshuk Das

Lauren A Taylor
Leigh Anne Cappello
Leigh Carroll
Lisa Shufro
Lorenzo Rocco
Maggie Super Church
Maneesh Juneja
Margaret Aimer
Margaret A Hawthorne
Marvin Avilez
Mark L Wieland
Meghan Williamson
Michael Marmot
Mike Roaldi
Naomi Adelson
Nancy Adler
Nancy Knopf
Nayeli Y Chavez-Dueñas
Ollie Smith
Onil Bhattacharyya
Philip Sambol

Prabhjot Singh
Rebecca Adamson
Richard Scheffler
Richard Smith
Rick Brush
Rupert Dunbar-Rees
Rupert Whitaker
Roz Davies
Sally Okun
Scott Liebman
Seema Kara
Shreya Kangovi
Soma Stout
Steve Dubb
Thomas Foels
Thomas Kottke
Tony Thomas
Vera Cordeiro
Vickie Cammack
Victor Montori
Victor Wang


Understanding What Communities Really Value

Why I have got involved with an IOM-hosted meeting on designing evaluations for what communities really want
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