My research and consulting have led to a number of reports. Below are the ones that can be shared publicly. They all relate to bridging the health sector and communities

Building Community Power To Dismantle Policy-Based Structural Inequity In Population Health


December 2022

Iton 2022, Building community power to dismantle policy-based structural inequity in population health - cover

This article was published in Health Affairs. It builds on my exploration of how community agency links to health in the bio-medical literature (the report of which is immediately below). The article has an appendix. PDFs of both the article and the appendix are available from the download button below.

Project this article was part of: Agency, Belonging and Health

The Bio-Medical Evidence Linking Community Agency and Health

Pritpal S Tamber

December 2020

The Bio-Medical Evidence Linking Community Agency and Health

This report illustrates the link between community agency (power) and health, as reported in the health literature. Its findings are based on 93 primary research articles that were found in eight review articles, most of which were recommended by key informants. The work was funded by The California Endowment and done in collaboration with the Insight Center for Community Economic Development.

Project this report was part of: Agency, Belonging and Health

Increasing the Uptake of Power Building for Health

Pritpal S Tamber & Lori Peterson

December 2018


In partnership with Collaborative Consulting, I explored: how well public health understands the importance of community power to health; what is preventing the profession from embracing power-building as a health strategy; and what opportunities in the current landscape might help bring about change. The work included a detailed analysis of how change has happened in public health, including the role of narrative. This work was supported by The California Endowment.

Project this report was part of: Increasing the Uptake of Power Building for Health, Bridging Health & Community, Inc.

Bringing Purpose to Community Engagement

Bridget B Kelly & Pritpal S Tamber

March 2018


As the 2018 report of my former nonprofit, Bridging Health & Community Inc, this reflected on: our first national symposium; our efforts to recruit pilot sites to apply the 12 principles to community health; delivering our message to the health sector; and engaging health philanthropy. We came to realize that the 12 principles provide health care with a framework to look beyond what has made it successful and reconceive its role as supporting communities to define and shape their own health.

Project this report was part of: Bridging Health & Community, Inc.

Symposium Program: Community Agency & Health


May 2017


This program contains overviews of two case examples (one from South Kern, CA, and one from The Bronx, NY) as well as perspectives from our editorial partners: Active Living By Design; the Business Innovation Factory; Hershey Cause Communications; ISAIAH; the Rochester Healthy Community Partnership; UnitedHealthcare Community & State; and MIT Community Innovators Lab. It also contains biographies of many of the symposium participants, as well as profiles of the projects that they were involved in.

Projects this report was part of: National Symposium: Community Agency & Health, Bridging Health & Community, Inc.

Fostering Agency to Improve Health

Pritpal S Tamber & Bridget B Kelly

March 2017


Building on my many projects, especially the Creating Health Collaborative, this report presented 12 principles to working with communities. In identifying the 12, which were a refined and expanded version of the 11 presented in April 2016 (see below), we also understood that the inclusive and participatory process that they described have the potential to foster something key to health: agency – the ability to make purposeful choices.

Projects this report was part of: Bridging Health & Community, Inc., The Creating Health Collaborative

Eleven Principles for Creating Health

Pritpal S Tamber

April 2016


This is the report of the July 2015 meeting of the Creating Health Collaborative. The meeting was called: ‘Creating Health: Refining The Principles To Catalyze Practice’. It pulled together entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs working to understand and create health ‘beyond the lens of health care’. The 11 principles were presented as a list of things for others to bear in mind when trying to work with communities that understand health as more than ‘the absence of disease’.

Project this report was part of: The Creating Health Collaborative

Being Well by Believing We Can

Pritpal S Tamber & Elizabeth Slade

March 2016


In this work, we harnessed and examined experiential and academic knowledge linking agency and health. We blended what we learnt into a critique of the foundation’s idea of approaching community health through the lens of well-being and agency (rather than bio-medical measures). We also proposed an approach for the foundation to test a refined version of its ideas in the real world.

Project this report was part of: Being Well By Believing We Can

The Creating Health Collaborative

Pritpal S Tamber

November 2014

The Creating Health Collaborative

A report on the Creating Health Collaborative’s first meeting in July 2014. The premise that underpinned the meeting was that at the heart of our struggle to meet the growing demand for care is the inability to see health as more than ‘the absence of disease’. We sought to explore why broader definitions of health were only a fringe of health innovation. Through the meeting we began to delineate some principles for working with broader definitions of health.

Project this report was part of: The Creating Health Collaborative

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