The California Endowment, Kaiser Permanente & RWJF: Announcing our Symposium Sponsors

Pritpal S Tamber

February 16, 2017

In this post we hear from Tony Iton of The California Endowment, Bechara N Choucair of Kaiser Permanente, and Alonzo Plough of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

We’re pleased to announce three major sponsors of our May symposium, Community Agency & Health:

Before we reflect on their sponsorship, let’s hear from their people.

 Tony Iton

Tony Iton

We’re pleased to partner and support Bridging Health & Community in their efforts to shine a light on the importance of agency to health. The symposium’s focus on the practicalities of this work – through case studies and breakouts – is immensely important to growing this nascent field of practice – one that is vital to the future of health.

Senior Vice President for Healthy Communities, The California Endowment

Bechara N Choucair

Improving the health of our communities is at the heart of Kaiser Permanente’s mission. As much as health systems like ours have to offer, our efforts will fall short if we fail to understand and respond to the perspectives of the people we hope to serve. We’re very pleased to join with Bridging Community & Health in highlighting and learning from the best and most novel approaches to acting on the health needs our communities see as most important.

Senior Vice President & Chief Community Health Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Alonzo Plough

Achieving health equity through engagement and action at the community level is a core strategy of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Framework. The Community Agency & Health symposium aligns well with the type of dialogue and knowledge sharing we feel is essential to building a national movement to improve health and well-being.

Vice President for Research and Evaluation and Chief Science Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

We’re pleased that Tony, Bechara and Alonzo (and their respective organizations) see the value of our work.


We very much believe that the process of connecting health systems and local communities is, as Tony says, a nascent field of practice. We hope to help it develop through the kind of practical knowledge sharing that Alonzo has mentioned, which we’ve done to date through our reports (the last one being Eleven Principles for Creating Health) and are now doing through the symposium. And we’re pleased that people in health care, such as Bechara, understand that the system will fall short unless it learns to respond to the perspectives of the people it seeks to serve.

Get Your Tickets

Don’t forget that early bird registration ends March 17th and the revised pricing (with early bird) is:

  • US$250: Community-Based Organizations, Community Residents & Students
  • US$450: Government, Nonprofit & University
  • US$1000: Standard

Go to Eventbrite to get your tickets.


My thanks to Tony, Bechara and Alonzo for their foresight and leadership, and to their numerous team members who made it all happen. My thanks also to my Co-Founder, Bridget B Kelly, who did all of the leg work to secure the grants.

Pritpal S Tamber

I’m a doctor who trained as a medical editor and publisher and now researches and consults on the link between community power and health equity. My interest in community power started when I was the Physician Editor of TEDMED and is explained in My Perspective. I also work as a freelance medical editor and publisher for organisations that want to write high-quality articles and a strategy for their publishing and promotion. Find out more on my About page.

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