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Pritpal S Tamber

September 1, 2013

A quick post that I'm going to spend more time writing about Wellth than what it takes to optimise clinical knowledge

When I founded Optimising Clinical Knowledge Ltd my intention was to understand whether start-ups in the “health innovation” scene would be interested in a “Medical Director For Hire”. I found a lot of interest, but little chance of commercial opportunities.

The reason was both simple and a little depressing – most start-ups only do what they think venture capitalists will want. What this means is that when it comes to “health innovation” we’re at the mercy of people with money but not necessarily an understanding of health and health care. Depressing.

While realising this, I was lucky enough to work with TEDMED. I was one of a four-person team that suggested topics and speakers for the Curator’s consideration. It gave me an incredible insight into the biggest ideas in health and medicine. When coupled with what I was learning from the “health innovation” scene, I was left with a stark realisation.

Health care just doesn’t have what it takes.

That’s why I decided to think of something new – a new approach, to create newvalue, in a new, yet-to-be-defined way. It seemed like the only thing worth spending time on. I’m calling the new thing Wellthcare, where Wellth is the reclaimed currencies of health, created, delivered and nurtured by intimate communities. And that’s what most of my ongoing blogging will be about. I’ll resist cross-posting to avoid the wrath of search engines but I will mention new posts in brief summaries here.

Optimising Clinical Knowledge Ltd will continue. It’s the vehicle through which I do all of my consulting, including for TEDMED, NEJM and a new telehealth solution that I am helping to shape. It’s also the umbrella under which I will explore what Wellth and Wellthcare is.

You’ll see from the Wellthcare site that I have done two posts there already:

  1. Realising the need for Wellthcare
  2. What an emergency landing tells us about Wellth

I hope you’ll get a chance to read them. The more people that tell me what they think the better (most have done it offline, well, through email thus far).

More soon.

This post was first published on my original blog, Optimising Clinical Knowledge. 

Pritpal S Tamber

I'm an independent writer, researcher and consultant focussing on community health and medical information. I'm a former physician, medical editor and medical publisher, and also the former Physician Editor of TEDMED. I began my career at The BMJ. For more information, see the About page.

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