My writing covers a wide-range of topics within community health, including interviews of courageous community practitioners. I also write a newsletter called Community & Health

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Community & Health

A regular look at the evidence requiring health care to rethink how it works with communities, including commentary on current initiatives – available only to subscribers

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Why Relying on Advocacy May Mean Losing in the Long Term

Because it’s fire fighting rather than winning the battle of ideas

Our New Report: Bringing Purpose to Community Engagement

Why we've positioned the 12 Principles as a framework for reconceiving health care's relationship with communities

The Jumble of Non Conformity

A mess of a post reflecting where my head is right now - or at least how it’s not really anywhere concrete...

Gathering Momentum

A number of people have signed up as supporters

The Inside Game

Erin Hagan offers some straight-talking feedback on how our May 2017 symposium did not quite hit the mark and how we need to shift our approach

The Website is Up!

We promise our updates won’t always be obvious (!) but the main thing to tell you right now is that we’ve finally got the website up. We’ve had a single-page …

The Website is Up! Read More »

Fostering Agency to Improve Health and Social Participation in Mexico

Catalina A. Denman, Elsa Cornejo and Rodrigo Cornejo describe how fostering agency has improved social participation and health, specifically in diabetes and through Wikipolítica

Being Incidental

The serene pleasure of not having to explain yourself

Some Rambling Existential Thoughts

On how things are going well and not going well, scribbled on the way back from a week in the US

The Joy of Thinking

And how The Financial Times and The Lancet make me do it all the time

A Webinar on the Bronx Healthy Buildings Program

Announcing a free webinar featuring an in-depth conversation about how lessons from the Bronx Healthy Buildings Program can be applied in other contexts

The Challenge of Saying It Like It Is

How it's so hard to question the narrative that conflates health care and health
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